Where to Buy Discount Gift Certificates & Gift Cards

60% offDo you ever get stuck wondering what to buy for your family during different occasions like birthdays, Christmas and such? Discount gift cards or Discount gift certificates are a wonderful option for those who would like to shop or dine especially when a family that is on a low budget or to save money.

Discount gift card is necessary for a family that never likes cooking or one that has a lot of commitments. Families that have just moved also fit here as they collect things together. This is really a great warming house gift. It will not be a good idea for a family that has just shifted to spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to locate where they kept what! Rather, a restaurant certificate will be a great favor to them.

There are different sources from which you can get a lot of discount cards and certificates from the internet and these include;

  1. ebay discount gift cards certificatesQuite a number of discount gift cards and certificates are always available on eBay. The result is that,  these people at one point in time had received gift cards because of store credit, gifts from somebody, or they bought them before but no longer needed.
  2. Plastic Jungle is one of the best place to sell, buy, exchange or donate your gift cards on the web. They offer the most innovative, convenient and safest way to get the most out of gift cards with free shipping for sellers and buyers. PJ also offers feature like helping you to replace your gift cards in case they are lost.
  3. Raise is also another one of the best place to buy discounted gift cards. Their discount gift cards are available for over 300+ stores nationwide. Buying and selling gift cards on Raise is also a breeze and convenient.
  4. cardpool.comCardPool.com makes it easy for anybody to buy, sell, or trade gift cards, in a safe and secure marketplace. Customers can buy gift cards for up to 30% off or sell gift cards for up to 92% of their face value. All orders include free shipping and come with no expiration date.
  5. giftcards.comGiftCards.com has the world's largest discounted merchant gift card inventory. You can buy merchant gift cards below for up to 25% off retail prices. Great discounts and a huge number of merchants to select from, plus they're all guaranteed!
  6. restaurant.comRestaurant.com is a recognized dealer of the discount certificates and restaurant gift cards. These are available at very huge discounts. You can buy a $100 discount certificate for $30.
  7. Costco
    From their website, you will be able to obtain discount certificates at very reasonable prices. Quite a number of their sale is made at a discount of 20% off and they usually come in a gift pack. For instance, you will find them selling two $50 certificates for $80, though they lack a wide selection.
  8. Entertainment books
    This could not be necessarily a gift but all in all, to friends as a gift, it will open opportunities to them to “buy one get one free” restaurant coupons.
  9. Use our Search function
    We also provide some convenience on this site for users with a discount gift cards & certificates search engine.  Simply just type in the store name in the search box and look for the best discounts available today.

Web Hosting Coupons – Save When You Know Where To Go

With online hosts, there is so much competition, that it is virtually impossible for customers to not find some kind of web hosting coupons that are available to them. Whether it is a top host, like HostGator, or any other smaller, lesser known hosts, you can save when you search online. Using all available online resources, you are bound to find several great web hosting coupons, and you will find different savings, for different service needs.

Directly Through The Host

You can find your coupons directly through the web hosting site (godaddy.com or hostgator.com, or any others). Some hosts will promote prices as low as a couple dollars per month, others will boast savings for unlimited domain names, Google adsense ads, and so forth. Each host provides a different type of coupon and saving, and depending on the level of hosting you choose, different savings amounts can be found as well. It is a good idea to compare a few of the top hosts, visit their sites, and find the most up to date coupons, for the type of hosting services you need, before you register with a host.

Online SEO Searches

By simply typing in web hosting coupons in to Google or any other major search engine, you are going to get thousands of hits. Clicking on a few of the coupons, and seeing what kind of savings are being offered by the host site, as well as third party companies, is also something that you should do before you choose a host, and the level of hosting services. Some coupons will offer free registration, others will spread the savings out over the course of a year, others will provide lower prices, for signing up for longer, yearly contracts with a particular host.

Coupon Generating Sites

It is also possible for you to find web hosting coupons through third party, coupon generating sites (such as retailmenot.com). Depending on the host you would like to choose for services, the amount you are looking for in savings, and when you search, it is highly likely that you will find dozens of coupons, for all of the major web hosting companies out there. Not only will customers find coupons, it is highly likely they will find more than one coupon code, allowing them to compare the savings, and find the best prices and deals.

Due to the fact that so much competition exists in the world of web hosting, online hosts offer a variety of great package deals, hosting levels, and are constantly promoting a number of web hosting coupons, in order to entice a customer to choose their site, over a different hosting company. Before you choose a host, and before you pay full price for the hosting services you decide to purchase through that host, it is a good idea to search all of these sources, and compare what you find, in order to ensure you find the best deals when it comes to your online hosting needs.

Author Bio
This article was written by someone from Reviewpon.com, and they offer honest web hosting reviews and coupons.

Deal or No Deal: Is Black Friday Worth All the Trouble

Black Friday sales are coming, and many eager shoppers are getting hot flashes just thinking about the damage they will do. The day after Thanksgiving is easily one of the biggest shopping days of the year for retailers. People wait in lines overnight, so they can score the best deals from their favorite stores. Others have even been injured by overzealous shoppers. Despite all the raucous, the sales on Black Friday can be pretty amazing. You can often score "door busters," or greatly discounted goods, on big shopping days such as Black Friday. However, is the price of an item on Black Friday the lowest it has been all year long? This depends of course on several factors that include eager consumerism and special marketing tactics used just for the holiday.

The Good Side of Black Friday

No matter what your stance is on the shopping's biggest day of the year, there is a deal to be had. It may not be what you wanted or what you expected, but there is the definite chance that you will save some money on Black Friday. Keep in mind that many of the products offered at deep discounts will not be name brand items. Things like Apple offer minimal discounts, which do help, but it will likely not make a huge dent. However, things like tablet computers will be a good item to buy. Many are priced at under a $100, and may even be cheaper on the big day at places like Walmart Black Friday! Just use your gut when it comes to researching and choosing the stores you want to hit.

The Dark Side of Black Friday

People can get ugly if they see that you have the item they want. In fact, there have been reports of brutal injuries over the past few years. That aside, there are also other reasons not to go shopping on Black Friday. Many times items are not at their cheapest, or they will be offered at the same price on another sale date. Do your research to determine if the item you want will actually be cheaper. For example, TVs are best bought in January and February, as they are discounted for the "big game". Also, March is when the newest versions of TVs come out. Keeping that in mind, who wants to wait in line at the crack of dawn on Black Friday?

Worth the Hassle or Tripped out on Tryptophan?

When it comes down to it, it really depends on your shopping mentality. So, you will have to decide for yourself if you really want to wake up early in the morning still full from turkey. If you are anxious, then make sure you have a plan. Research the sales online before hand, and choose the store you want to go to first. You will want to arrive early to avoid crowds, get the best deals on door busters, and hopefully score the item you are coveting. Once you have the item, then just take your time going to other stores. There will still be deals at all of them throughout the day. If you have your heart set on two stores, then have a friend or family member go for you. This will maximize your efforts when shopping on Black Friday.

If, on the other hand, you cannot stand the idea of getting out of your warm bed, then there is a solution for you too. Some stores are actually open the night before. You can take a break from the Turkey hassle, and head over to store in between courses. Also, there is always Cyber Monday- the online version of Black Friday- in three days time.

Use the information here to help you decide what to do on Black Friday. There are deals to be found all year round, but the thrill of shopping on this particular day can be too overwhelming for some while it's heaven for others.

What do you think? Will you be heading out into the Black Friday Madness? Let us Know in the comments!

Taylor Ryan is a fashion and travel writer based in Paris. Check out her blog at TheWanderingVixen.wordpress.com.

Save Money Using Online Coupons This Christmas

It’s that time of year again already, the stores are filled with their Christmas stock – even though Halloween hasn’t even passed yet – and thousands of people are already starting their Christmas shopping.

During recent years, the number of people taking to the internet to do their shopping has been increasing greatly year after year. By shopping online you get to avoid the mass crowds of the malls and shopping centers, you get to do your shopping from the comfort of your own home, but the most appealing reason for most people is the reason that they can get a much better price by shopping online!

Not only do you get the advantage of being able to compare the prices for your products on a huge variety of stores with the click of a button, but you also have the opportunity to seek out coupons online to use with the cheapest store you found – saving even more money on your order.

Every decent retailer with an online store has a section where you can enter coupon codes to get a discount on your order, you’ll find coupon codes for huge stores such as ASOS, Amazon, Staples, Barnes and Noble, Pizza Hut and pretty much any store you can think of.

It only takes a minute or two to check Google or some of the coupon websites out there and you will find that more often than not you’ll find coupons that will save you money on your order – which is always a bonus, especially during Christmas when spending is at an all-time high!

You’ll be surprised at the range of codes available, take these ASOS coupon codes for example, you can get free shipping on every order (regardless of the size of your order, this could be a nice saving alone if you make a big Christmas order), 10% off your entire basket if you pay with a Visa Card, and 10% off your entire order for students! ASOS stock a great range of products which would make perfect gifts for many people over Christmas, and now you can buy them while saving yourself some money too!

You don’t have to cut back on what you  buy this Christmas to save money, just smarten up the way you buy things, always check to see what coupons are available, and always buy online where possible – things are just so much cheaper!

Happy holidays!

Author Bio: The author of this article runs a website providing coupons for many stores to save you money online, they have some great asos coupon codes available right now.

Tips on buying a Prom Dress

Which girl does not want to make her prom night special by wearing a gorgeous dress? Every girl tries to make sure that her fashion choices on the prom night are right and remembered for a long time.

There are a few things, however, which should be kept in mind while shopping for the prom night. Following are some basic fashion tips which should be taken in to account:

  • There are dresses which are exclusively designed for the prom. There are stores which specialize in prom dresses. Make a one-to-one appointment with the designers of the stores. Buy the dress which fits and flatters your body perfectly.
  • While trying out the dresses, make sure you wear the lingerie which you will be wearing on the night of the prom. It will give you a clear idea about how you will look and feel on the prom night.
  • Do not go shopping with a large group of friends. It becomes chaotic and confusing.
  • The color of the dress is the first thing which catches everyone’s attention. Make sure the color of the dress goes well with your skin tone. If you are fair-skinned, avoid white and yellow colors as they can make you look dull.
  • Every dress needs little alternations. If you find out that the dress you have liked needs minor adjustments such as shortening the hem or taking in the sides, you should ask the store to make the necessary alternations.
  • Choose the fabric of the prom dress carefully. Satin is a popular choice in big events. However, satin is a reflective fabric and it can make you look voluptuous.
  • There are also many online shopping stores which sell prom dresses. While you place the order, choose the size carefully. Remember to check the price and extra handling charges.
  • When you are buying the prom dress, do not forget that you need some fashionable accessories to go with your dress. These are the top five fashion accessories for girlsin prom:
    • Watches – Make sure the watch is sleek, stylish and goes well with your dress. You can choose your watch from a wide array of varieties.
    • Handbags - Avoid ornamentation and go for something classy and durable. Make sure that the handbag has room enough to hold essentials like makeup kit, cell phone, money, wet wipes, etc.
    • Jewelry – Silver, pearl and diamond jewelry goes well in an occasion like this. Be sure you are comfortable by wearing them.
    • Shoes – Tip-toe and pencil heels are popular choices for a prom. You can choose black-colored shoes as they can go well with any dress. You should not compromise on comfort while looking for style.
    • Belts – Belts are useful in adding a dazzling effect to your outfit. Be it skinny, medium or large-width belts; they are equally stylish and cute.

Author’s Bio: Dips Dixon is a famous author. He is an avid reader and traveler. He takes a keen interest in fashion. In this article, he talks about the tips one should bear in mind while shopping for a prom dress with special reference to the accessories.

How to Browse Online – Tips for Buying Clothes Online That Fit Well

The online world is full of amazing stores, boutiques and emporiums and, as many people already know, buying clothing online can save you a considerable amount of money. If you happen to be an online shopping virgin though, you’ll probably be worried about ending up with clothes that don’t fit properly, since you can’t try them on before parting with any money.

So, if you want to make sure all your online purchases fit like a glove, here are some handy tips:

1)      Get the tape measure out

The only real way to know what dress size you are is to carry out a full-on measuring session. You should find the size chart on the website you are looking to buy from and measure your bust, waist, hips, inseam and collar (if need be) and then compare yourself against the measurements on the chart. It’s not uncommon for a lot of women to wear a different size on top than on the bottom (and vice versa), and you might find that you need to wear a larger or smaller size than you’re used to, but it’ll mean your clothes fit right.

2)      Give yourself some time

When buying clothes online it’s best to not be working to an especially restrictive timeline. By this I mean, if you haven’t bought from the store before and aren’t sure how the retailer’s clothes will fit you, you shouldn’t be buying anything you want to be wearing in just two days’ time for a night out. Instead, give yourself at least a week, although two weeks would be better, so that you can return and exchange the items if they don’t fit properly.

3)      Always try it on

Once your clothes arrive you should always, always try them on before you step out in them. I don’t mean you should just throw them on in front of a mirror and do a few turns to see if your bum looks big – you should put them on and walk around your room a little, sit down to see if they’re still comfy, try them on with items from your wardrobe to see if they suit. This should take at least half an hour so you can get a good feel for them, but if you’re unhappy about absolutely anything just put them straight back in the parcel and send them back with the returns form. So many times have I decided to keep a pair of jeans even though they were a bit big or a dress even though I wasn’t quite sure about the length, and not once have I been happy about it later on!

4)      Find shops you like

If you find a shop that you know sells clothes that fit you perfectly, stick with them. However, on a completely contradictory note, don’t be afraid to try different shops once in a while so you can get a great range of clothes for your wardrobe.

How do you buy clothes online that fit well?

Janice Lincoln is a freelance fashion writer, who knows that the best way to find to great prices on womens fashion online, whether peplum dresses or party tops.

5 Tips For Holiday Shopping And Decorating

The holidays are just around the corner and like most of you I am not prepared for the chaotic shopping, traffic and long lines. The holiday season is a good time of year to lose your sanity and rush to buy décor you regret that will end up being garbage at the end of the holiday season. Here are my top 5 tips for holiday shopping and decorating.

Invest in a collection

When it comes to holiday decorations I am never prepared and I rush to buy stuff after thanksgiving is over, so I run to the closest store and find the cheapest stuff I can find. It’s better to plan ahead and look into your décor shopping earlier on in the year. Odds are the décor will be cheaper since prices won’t inflate since everyone else is shopping at Christmas time. Byers Choice Figurines are excellent for holiday decoration. Collecting these figurines can continue to grow through the years and can be passed down to the next generation; some of them can even increase in value and be worth a lot of money.

Shop Online

The last thing anyone wants to do is fight the crowds risk accident or injury rushing from store to store to buy everything you had on your list. Online shopping is where I do 90% of my Christmas shopping, for both decoration and gift buying for family and friends. Finding deals online can sometimes be a challenge which is why I recommend using slickdeals.net. This site is awesome for black Friday shopping. People are constantly posting deals from around the web and I always find great stuff at amazing prices, be sure to keep tabs on them during the holidays for all your shopping needs.

Pay Cash

The holidays is always an excuse used by everyone to get into major debt, and a lot of people by Christmas time the following year are STILL paying off that debt. I recommend to always pay cash, using either a debit card or cold hard cash. Because when you’re out of money, you’re out of money, and don’t need to worry about being out of money and having extra debt on top of it. Put a budget together based on your income and what you can afford and stick with that budget. Just because you can’t afford a brand new iPad like your neighbor doesn’t mean you have to break the bank just to look good to your friends and family. Holidays are about spending time with family and friends, not about who can spend the most cash, so know your budget; $100 means $100 not $120…

Make Your Own Decorations

It is fun to decorate your house for Christmas, but it’s unrealistic to make ALL your decorations. So bust out your collectibles and family heirlooms then have a craft night with the kids. Making your own Christmas decorations is a fun way to get the family involved in activities during the holidays and save money while doing it. A lot of people will spend $100’s and $100’s of dollars buying decorations that will end up being thrown away anyway, so why not make them out of inexpensive household objects instead and have a blast doing it. You can find 100’s of “how to’s” online on how to make your own holiday decorations.

Gift Exchange

A gift exchange in which you choose one name and put more thought than money into picking a single gift for that person instead of spending a lot of money shopping for every sibling, parent, grandparent, nephew, niece, spouse, friend and in-law. Gift exchanges are a lot of fun and give you more time to put a lot of thought into a single gift that person can appreciate more than getting a dozen cheap gifts that will find their way to the dumpster in a month or two.

By Stephen Cowan, Stephen is a freelance writer and internet marketing guru with a wide range of known topics and expertise in the SEO industry.

Saving Money on Christmas Gifts for Drink Connoisseurs

With Christmas approaching we will begin to start thinking about what gifts we can get our family and friends. Christmas can be an expensive time of year and we all like to make a saving when we can.

Gift cards make brilliant Christmas gifts for individuals when you are stuck for an idea! For family members or friends who love fine wine or luxury coffee I have put together some money saving tips for gift buying.

These tips are also put together to help you buy gifts even if you don’t know much about fine wine or gourmet coffee!

Mixed Cases of Wine - Save Money with a Bulk Buy

Buying fine wine as a gift can be a tricky job, you need to know what type of wine they like and if you know nothing about wine it can be difficult to know what will make a great gift and how to avoid picking up a bad bottle of wine at a high price!

Thanks to the internet you can easily find an online wine shop via your favorite search engine and you have an instant list of retailers to investigate and compare prices for.

A number of wine shops offer mixed cases of wines that they have put together often as introductions to fine wines. These mixed cases also make great gift ideas as the wine retailers have done the hard work for you by putting together the selection of wines and buying a case of wine is often cheaper than buying the same number of bottles individually – so there’s a saving to be had!

They make a great gift for someone who is looking to expand their own personal wine cellar or for somebody looking to explore the fine and unusual wines of the world.

Online Clubs

Online clubs are something that both the luxury coffee sites and the fine wine sites are offering. By signing an individual up to these clubs they will receive either coffee or bottles of wine through the post across the set time period, perhaps six months or a year.

These gifts can cost more but the subscriptions can sometimes be set up as a recurring monthly payments which means that the payments can be spread out and you can avoid large costs piling up over a short period in the run up to Christmas.

These clubs also have the advantage that the retailers share their expertise and send out recommended wines or coffees, which means that the pressure of choosing the right gift is removed from you!

Coffee Selection Packs

These are similar to the mixed cases of wine and offer a selection of gourmet coffee beans to be bought as a gift. They often include a number of different coffees from around the world and so offer variety and the chance to try something new. Like the mixed wine cases you can often make a good saving on the cost of buying coffee individually and the presentation is often excellent.

Gift Cards

The final idea is the gift card; these are the ideal choice for when you don’t have the knowledge or confidence to choose something, which is very understandable when shopping for wine or coffee, as individual tastes can vary so much. Gift cards offer the individual the chance to choose the gift or their choice that suits their taste and both parties end up happy – you’ve given a great gift and somebody has purchased something they really like. Gift cards are definitely win-win situations!

How Can You Save Money on Your Purchases with Cashback Shopping

Cashback is an economical way to save your money by shopping online. There are many websites providing this feature to their customers for every purchase. When you browse, you can find quite a good number of cashback websites providing links of the retailers that matches your shopping needs. Through these websites you can also earn money by referring friends, filling online forms, and surveys etc.

This option is very useful while shopping for household products. Some companies provide good discounts and gift vouchers to their customers. These offers allow you to pay only a percentage of the total expenditure. This can be done by accessing the online stores. Your transactions are monitored on these websites and you are rewarded accordingly.

You might be wondering how these sites pay you money for your purchase or referrals. These sites are paid by the companies for sending the customers to buy their products. Hence, they are able to give some percentage of money from each sale.

How does cashback website work?

Cashback sites work in a unique way and they have clickable links. They are called as affiliate networks. Some sites have more than 1000 links, which means you have plenty of choice to pick the best retailer for you to shop. When you sign up with some Cashback sites, you may receive $10 as bonus in your account.

After each transaction a small percentage of money is deposited in your account. When it reaches the threshold level, for example $ 20, the company will mail you a check. It is just another way to save your money. Some of them offer great deals and it is worthwhile to sign up on these sites. At the same time, you may receive some additional bonus points, if you refer your family or friends.

If the person referred by you will sign up on the website and makes a purchase, you might get $5 in your account. This will help you to reach your threshold level faster. Since many companies provide this option, you can compare the features offered by them and choose one that benefits you more.

Advantages of cashback websites

Nowadays, many people like to shop online due to the convenience they get. Many credit card companies are offering the Cashback facility to their customers. Cashback is an easy way of earning or saving money on the internet. Some websites offer $5 cashback when you spend $100 on the purchases. It is good to read the terms and conditions of the website before signing up to know about the pros and cons of it. Earning money with this feature can be termed as a lucrative business.

Always there are dual benefits while shopping online. First, the goods and services that you purchase are provided at lower prices than the retail shop. Secondly, cashback option is available in the form of currency or discounts.

Tips for using the cashback websites 

  • Try to choose a cashback site that has less or no annual administration fees. Avoid sites that ask you to pay the registration fee.
  • A fake cashback site contains following things: old cashback offers, offers from lesser merchants, overly flashy website design, and broken links. Always go for a reputed company to avoid unnecessary losses.
  • You should also ensure if the site has a social media following. Strong social networking activity is a good indication of user satisfaction. Likewise, you can also read the recent customer reviews.
  • Cookies have to be enabled, or else the cashback websites won’t track your purchase.
  • Pick two or three websites of your choice and stick to them. Most of the sites close the user accounts, if it is not used for more than 12 months.

Author's Bio:

Warnor is an experienced author who writes about the ideas to save money while shopping online. He also writes about the latest technology clothing and accessories like the Vibram Five Fingers Bikila LS.





The Evolution of Discounted Cheap Gift Cards

Companies, small or big, use different tactics to attract customers. They use coupons, different promotional ideas (like buy one get one free), discount gift cards and etc. Basically, marketing tools are used by companies to obtain a competitive position in the market. That is to say that the target to be achieved is excellent market shares, and also to capture the customers’ attention.

Discounted gift cards are the plastic entities that are used as a non-monetary gift for customers, issued by the bank or a retailer. It is equivalent to a limited monetary amount. These cards were developed as a cure, after several counterfeiting attempt had been made through excessive gift certificates redemption. People tried to reprint their own gift certificates due to the easy and free availability of color printers and photocopiers in marketplaces.

Blockbuster Entertainment is the pioneer of counterfeiting remedy, one of the most famous marketing tactics, back in the last decade of 20th century, 1994. Whereas, the first ever transaction of gift card was processed by the Nabanco of Sunrise, Florida. After that preliminary transitions, Blockbuster Entertainment gift cards and Mobil oil gas card (MCI’s phone value was provided initially) were the next to join the lot.

Kmart cash cards used to provide prepaid talk time with AT&T.  After that Kmart came up with their Pangilinan Cash cards, allowing customers to receive the card as a replacement for the cash returns. Since then, they have been used commonly by companies all around the world.

Surprisingly, in Great Britain, discount gift cards were first introduced by ASDA, in 1997. This was three years after the one launched in USA. By 2007 there were seventy (70) gift cards that were available in United Kingdom, and more than 10 retail stores were hosting them, according to UK Gift Card and Voucher Association.

Discount gift cards have basically changed the entire business model that the big retail magnates used to follow. It has fundamentally affected the consumers’ buying pattern to a great extent.  If you look into the pre-gift card times you will analyze that previously, people used to buy only during the holidays, and now in gift card times they are shopping all around the year; especially after Christmas.

Marketing Professor of Providence College, Dan Horne, said that after the gift card introduction and popularity, January is not a dead month anymore for retailers. He further added that most of the retail stores keep hot items in their inventory in order to entice customers to pay them a visit in January with their Christmas gift cards.  Earlier, retailers used to offer different sales in January in order to pull customers to their stores and clean their remaining stock. Now the retail industry is completely transformed due to discount gift cards.

Cash loans have also faced somewhat different trends after this gift card invasion in the consumer goods market. Some say that people borrow and spend 20 % more due to these gift cards.

It is the consumers’ duty to take shopping decision wisely according to their pockets, rather than getting enticed by the discount gift card offers.

Author Bio

To help you prevail through your times of uncertainty and fear, you should ensure that you have an investment constitution that works for you, and also access to fast cash loans online when you need them, a trait this writer offers all. 

How Not To Save Money With Coupons

Although couponing is certainly not rocket science, understanding how to really use coupons to your advantage can take a little bit of time. Not only are there a number of rules dictating which coupons can be combined, what those specific rules actually are tends to vary from store to store. And as well as understanding what coupons you are not allowed to use, there are also many coupons that you simply shouldn’t use. If you are only just starting out your couponing journey, here are seven common mistakes that you should do your best to avoid.

Spending More, Not Less

Without doubt the most common mistake made by those new to couponing is purchasing things that they do not need, or necessarily even want. It's important to remember that manufacturers don't provide coupons out of the goodness of their hearts, they do so in an effort to make consumers purchase things that they otherwise wouldn't.

And when you start purchasing things that you otherwise wouldn't, your couponing hobby can begin to cost you money instead of saving it. Therefore the most important mistake to avoid is impulse purchases based solely upon the fact that you are getting an attractive discount.

Only Looking for Certain Coupons

Although you should not purchase things that you otherwise would not, there is no harm in collecting coupons for such items. The reason for this is that there are many coupons that can be used to get things for free. Such coupons are of course well worth taking advantage of as they can be used to give your family and friends gifts at no expense to you. Many people new to couponing miss out on such offers as they automatically look away from any coupon that is not related to a product that they like.

Failing to Understand Coupon Policies

A beginners mistake to couponing that can often lead to embarrassment is failing to know, or to correctly understand, your favorite stores coupon policies. Although coupon policies are rarely all that complicated, many mistakes are made due to the fact that each individual store has different policies.

Some allow coupon stacking whereas others do not. Some allow coupon overage whereas others do not. Knowing which stores have what policies is not only essential for avoiding embarrassment at the checkout, it's also essential for experiencing maximum savings.

Overestimating How Much Coupons Can Save

Many people start couponing in the hope that they can spend less each week at the supermarket. Doing so is of course very much possible but you cannot expect to start eating for free each week. When you are setting goals in terms of how much you hope to spend at the supermarket in future, it's important to be realistic. Many people new to couponing set unrealistic goals because they overestimate just how much coupons can save them. And as you are likely aware, unrealistic goals rarely lead to anything but disappointment.

Not Realizing When Coupons Can be Stacked

Another common beginners mistake is failing to understand when two coupons can be used on the same product. Although you can never use two store coupons on the same product, most stores do allow consumers to combine both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on a single product. This is known as stacking and opportunities to do so are more common than you would expect. It is after all perfectly natural for both a store and a manufacturer to be offering a coupon for the same product simultaneously.

Keeping Coupons in a Shoebox

Another sign that somebody is new to couponing is that they keep all of their coupons in a shoebox. Once you start to really build up a collection of coupons, attempting to find the one that you are looking for can become pretty difficult unless you actually keep your collection somewhat organized. While most people use binders, even simple envelopes dividing up your coupons according to their purpose will do the trick. You just can't expect to keep a big box of paper scraps and expect to be able to find a specific one in a hurry.

Letting Valuable Coupons Expire

Finally, a particularly painful mistake made by those new to couponing is to forget about the small matter of expiry dates. Coupons are not the same as hard currency and many times they come complete with expiry dates. Therefore before putting any coupon into your binder, make sure that you check when it’s going to expire. When it comes to couponing, there is nothing more irritating than heading to the grocery store with a valuable coupon only to realize that it has already expired.

Paul Barker works with Gold Buyers, a London based gold buyers' portal that aims to buy gold at the best prices. They work in a similar fashion to the the cash for gold commercials you've seen on TV.