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Web Hosting Coupons – Save When You Know Where To Go

June 3rd, 2013

With online hosts, there is so much competition, that it is virtually impossible for customers to not find some kind of web hosting coupons that are available to them. Whether it is a top host, like HostGator, or any other smaller, lesser known hosts, you can save when you search online. Using all available online resources, you are bound to find several great web hosting coupons, and you will find different savings, for different service needs.

Directly Through The Host

You can find your coupons directly through the web hosting site ( or, or any others). Some hosts will promote prices as low as a couple dollars per month, others will boast savings for unlimited domain names, Google adsense ads, and so forth. Each host provides a different type of coupon and saving, and depending on the level of hosting you choose, different savings amounts can be found as well. It is a good idea to compare a few of the top hosts, visit their sites, and find the most up to date coupons, for the type of hosting services you need, before you register with a host.

Online SEO Searches

By simply typing in web hosting coupons in to Google or any other major search engine, you are going to get thousands of hits. Clicking on a few of the coupons, and seeing what kind of savings are being offered by the host site, as well as third party companies, is also something that you should do before you choose a host, and the level of hosting services. Some coupons will offer free registration, others will spread the savings out over the course of a year, others will provide lower prices, for signing up for longer, yearly contracts with a particular host.

Coupon Generating Sites

It is also possible for you to find web hosting coupons through third party, coupon generating sites (such as Depending on the host you would like to choose for services, the amount you are looking for in savings, and when you search, it is highly likely that you will find dozens of coupons, for all of the major web hosting companies out there. Not only will customers find coupons, it is highly likely they will find more than one coupon code, allowing them to compare the savings, and find the best prices and deals.

Due to the fact that so much competition exists in the world of web hosting, online hosts offer a variety of great package deals, hosting levels, and are constantly promoting a number of web hosting coupons, in order to entice a customer to choose their site, over a different hosting company. Before you choose a host, and before you pay full price for the hosting services you decide to purchase through that host, it is a good idea to search all of these sources, and compare what you find, in order to ensure you find the best deals when it comes to your online hosting needs.

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How Not To Save Money With Coupons

September 11th, 2012

Although couponing is certainly not rocket science, understanding how to really use coupons to your advantage can take a little bit of time. Not only are there a number of rules dictating which coupons can be combined, what those specific rules actually are tends to vary from store to store. And as well as understanding what coupons you are not allowed to use, there are also many coupons that you simply shouldn’t use. If you are only just starting out your couponing journey, here are seven common mistakes that you should do your best to avoid.

Spending More, Not Less

Without doubt the most common mistake made by those new to couponing is purchasing things that they do not need, or necessarily even want. It's important to remember that manufacturers don't provide coupons out of the goodness of their hearts, they do so in an effort to make consumers purchase things that they otherwise wouldn't.

And when you start purchasing things that you otherwise wouldn't, your couponing hobby can begin to cost you money instead of saving it. Therefore the most important mistake to avoid is impulse purchases based solely upon the fact that you are getting an attractive discount.

Only Looking for Certain Coupons

Although you should not purchase things that you otherwise would not, there is no harm in collecting coupons for such items. The reason for this is that there are many coupons that can be used to get things for free. Such coupons are of course well worth taking advantage of as they can be used to give your family and friends gifts at no expense to you. Many people new to couponing miss out on such offers as they automatically look away from any coupon that is not related to a product that they like.

Failing to Understand Coupon Policies

A beginners mistake to couponing that can often lead to embarrassment is failing to know, or to correctly understand, your favorite stores coupon policies. Although coupon policies are rarely all that complicated, many mistakes are made due to the fact that each individual store has different policies.

Some allow coupon stacking whereas others do not. Some allow coupon overage whereas others do not. Knowing which stores have what policies is not only essential for avoiding embarrassment at the checkout, it's also essential for experiencing maximum savings.

Overestimating How Much Coupons Can Save

Many people start couponing in the hope that they can spend less each week at the supermarket. Doing so is of course very much possible but you cannot expect to start eating for free each week. When you are setting goals in terms of how much you hope to spend at the supermarket in future, it's important to be realistic. Many people new to couponing set unrealistic goals because they overestimate just how much coupons can save them. And as you are likely aware, unrealistic goals rarely lead to anything but disappointment.

Not Realizing When Coupons Can be Stacked

Another common beginners mistake is failing to understand when two coupons can be used on the same product. Although you can never use two store coupons on the same product, most stores do allow consumers to combine both a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on a single product. This is known as stacking and opportunities to do so are more common than you would expect. It is after all perfectly natural for both a store and a manufacturer to be offering a coupon for the same product simultaneously.

Keeping Coupons in a Shoebox

Another sign that somebody is new to couponing is that they keep all of their coupons in a shoebox. Once you start to really build up a collection of coupons, attempting to find the one that you are looking for can become pretty difficult unless you actually keep your collection somewhat organized. While most people use binders, even simple envelopes dividing up your coupons according to their purpose will do the trick. You just can't expect to keep a big box of paper scraps and expect to be able to find a specific one in a hurry.

Letting Valuable Coupons Expire

Finally, a particularly painful mistake made by those new to couponing is to forget about the small matter of expiry dates. Coupons are not the same as hard currency and many times they come complete with expiry dates. Therefore before putting any coupon into your binder, make sure that you check when it’s going to expire. When it comes to couponing, there is nothing more irritating than heading to the grocery store with a valuable coupon only to realize that it has already expired.

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Top Things to Look for When Couponing

September 7th, 2012

It cannot be denied that most people have to survive on finances that afford them few luxuries, especially if they plan on saving for the future as well. The key to living on a fixed budget is to stretch the budget as far as possible. Most people do not like the idea of stretching a budget, since that often means sacrificing quality for quantity. However, there is another way to buy the products you want, and need, while saving money. The best way to manage a domestic budget is via couponing. Traditionally, couponing was scoffed upon as a waste of time. However, with prices constantly on the rise, couponing has become one of the few ways a person can sustain a lifestyle without breaking the bank. As more people learn about the benefits of couponing, stores are being overwhelmed by stacks of coupons from customers looking to get the most out of their money. For consumers, the key is to ensure that they have the right coupon at the right time.

Check the expiration dates

We all know that coupons have expiration dates, but few of us ever bother to find out what they are. The expiration date should be very first thing that you should check. Sure the coupon may have arrived that morning itself, but it may still have an expiration date for the same day; that is how companies run one-day offers. There is no feeling worse than standing in the long checkout lines and then being burnt by an expired coupon. After clipping coupons, stack them by expiration dates so that you always know which ones need to be used first. Also, check the expiration dates before setting off for the store.

Location, location, location

People forget that not all coupons are created equally. The main purpose of the coupon for the manufacturer is to give a push to sales figures whenever and wherever required. Normally, while cutting coupons people simply assume that it will be valid anywhere within the city or town. However, it would be a huge mistake to assume so. Many times coupons have restrictions over which locations they are valid at. Manufacturers maybe trying to give a bump to sales in just a few select areas and the coupons will reflect that. In every other location, the coupons are treated as void. Always check the coupons for any mention of locations unless you want to be left high-and-dry at your local store.

Single coupon, multiple brands

In the modern market, many brands are owned by a single corporation. If a single brand is being sold at discounted prices, chances are that the other brands will also be up for grabs at reduced rates. While clipping a coupon, the brand being advertised may not be the only product that the coupon is good for. Check the fine print to see if the same coupon is also applicable for other brands. This is a very common occurrence for coupons promoting various brands of soft drinks.

Just like anything else in life, simply couponing cannot be helpful if you do not do it in a smart manner. Hopefully, these tips should help customers keep a sharp eye on the contents of their coupons and help them use coupons more effectively.

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Magazine Subscription Discount Coupons

March 9th, 2012

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