How to Browse Online – Tips for Buying Clothes Online That Fit Well

The online world is full of amazing stores, boutiques and emporiums and, as many people already know, buying clothing online can save you a considerable amount of money. If you happen to be an online shopping virgin though, you’ll probably be worried about ending up with clothes that don’t fit properly, since you can’t try them on before parting with any money.

So, if you want to make sure all your online purchases fit like a glove, here are some handy tips:

1)      Get the tape measure out

The only real way to know what dress size you are is to carry out a full-on measuring session. You should find the size chart on the website you are looking to buy from and measure your bust, waist, hips, inseam and collar (if need be) and then compare yourself against the measurements on the chart. It’s not uncommon for a lot of women to wear a different size on top than on the bottom (and vice versa), and you might find that you need to wear a larger or smaller size than you’re used to, but it’ll mean your clothes fit right.

2)      Give yourself some time

When buying clothes online it’s best to not be working to an especially restrictive timeline. By this I mean, if you haven’t bought from the store before and aren’t sure how the retailer’s clothes will fit you, you shouldn’t be buying anything you want to be wearing in just two days’ time for a night out. Instead, give yourself at least a week, although two weeks would be better, so that you can return and exchange the items if they don’t fit properly.

3)      Always try it on

Once your clothes arrive you should always, always try them on before you step out in them. I don’t mean you should just throw them on in front of a mirror and do a few turns to see if your bum looks big – you should put them on and walk around your room a little, sit down to see if they’re still comfy, try them on with items from your wardrobe to see if they suit. This should take at least half an hour so you can get a good feel for them, but if you’re unhappy about absolutely anything just put them straight back in the parcel and send them back with the returns form. So many times have I decided to keep a pair of jeans even though they were a bit big or a dress even though I wasn’t quite sure about the length, and not once have I been happy about it later on!

4)      Find shops you like

If you find a shop that you know sells clothes that fit you perfectly, stick with them. However, on a completely contradictory note, don’t be afraid to try different shops once in a while so you can get a great range of clothes for your wardrobe.

How do you buy clothes online that fit well?

Janice Lincoln is a freelance fashion writer, who knows that the best way to find to great prices on womens fashion online, whether peplum dresses or party tops.

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