Saving Money on Christmas Gifts for Drink Connoisseurs

With Christmas approaching we will begin to start thinking about what gifts we can get our family and friends. Christmas can be an expensive time of year and we all like to make a saving when we can.

Gift cards make brilliant Christmas gifts for individuals when you are stuck for an idea! For family members or friends who love fine wine or luxury coffee I have put together some money saving tips for gift buying.

These tips are also put together to help you buy gifts even if you don’t know much about fine wine or gourmet coffee!

Mixed Cases of Wine - Save Money with a Bulk Buy

Buying fine wine as a gift can be a tricky job, you need to know what type of wine they like and if you know nothing about wine it can be difficult to know what will make a great gift and how to avoid picking up a bad bottle of wine at a high price!

Thanks to the internet you can easily find an online wine shop via your favorite search engine and you have an instant list of retailers to investigate and compare prices for.

A number of wine shops offer mixed cases of wines that they have put together often as introductions to fine wines. These mixed cases also make great gift ideas as the wine retailers have done the hard work for you by putting together the selection of wines and buying a case of wine is often cheaper than buying the same number of bottles individually – so there’s a saving to be had!

They make a great gift for someone who is looking to expand their own personal wine cellar or for somebody looking to explore the fine and unusual wines of the world.

Online Clubs

Online clubs are something that both the luxury coffee sites and the fine wine sites are offering. By signing an individual up to these clubs they will receive either coffee or bottles of wine through the post across the set time period, perhaps six months or a year.

These gifts can cost more but the subscriptions can sometimes be set up as a recurring monthly payments which means that the payments can be spread out and you can avoid large costs piling up over a short period in the run up to Christmas.

These clubs also have the advantage that the retailers share their expertise and send out recommended wines or coffees, which means that the pressure of choosing the right gift is removed from you!

Coffee Selection Packs

These are similar to the mixed cases of wine and offer a selection of gourmet coffee beans to be bought as a gift. They often include a number of different coffees from around the world and so offer variety and the chance to try something new. Like the mixed wine cases you can often make a good saving on the cost of buying coffee individually and the presentation is often excellent.

Gift Cards

The final idea is the gift card; these are the ideal choice for when you don’t have the knowledge or confidence to choose something, which is very understandable when shopping for wine or coffee, as individual tastes can vary so much. Gift cards offer the individual the chance to choose the gift or their choice that suits their taste and both parties end up happy – you’ve given a great gift and somebody has purchased something they really like. Gift cards are definitely win-win situations!

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