Tips on buying a Prom Dress

October 29th, 2012

Which girl does not want to make her prom night special by wearing a gorgeous dress? Every girl tries to make sure that her fashion choices on the prom night are right and remembered for a long time.

There are a few things, however, which should be kept in mind while shopping for the prom night. Following are some basic fashion tips which should be taken in to account:

  • There are dresses which are exclusively designed for the prom. There are stores which specialize in prom dresses. Make a one-to-one appointment with the designers of the stores. Buy the dress which fits and flatters your body perfectly.
  • While trying out the dresses, make sure you wear the lingerie which you will be wearing on the night of the prom. It will give you a clear idea about how you will look and feel on the prom night.
  • Do not go shopping with a large group of friends. It becomes chaotic and confusing.
  • The color of the dress is the first thing which catches everyone’s attention. Make sure the color of the dress goes well with your skin tone. If you are fair-skinned, avoid white and yellow colors as they can make you look dull.
  • Every dress needs little alternations. If you find out that the dress you have liked needs minor adjustments such as shortening the hem or taking in the sides, you should ask the store to make the necessary alternations.
  • Choose the fabric of the prom dress carefully. Satin is a popular choice in big events. However, satin is a reflective fabric and it can make you look voluptuous.
  • There are also many online shopping stores which sell prom dresses. While you place the order, choose the size carefully. Remember to check the price and extra handling charges.
  • When you are buying the prom dress, do not forget that you need some fashionable accessories to go with your dress. These are the top five fashion accessories for girlsin prom:
    • Watches – Make sure the watch is sleek, stylish and goes well with your dress. You can choose your watch from a wide array of varieties.
    • Handbags - Avoid ornamentation and go for something classy and durable. Make sure that the handbag has room enough to hold essentials like makeup kit, cell phone, money, wet wipes, etc.
    • Jewelry – Silver, pearl and diamond jewelry goes well in an occasion like this. Be sure you are comfortable by wearing them.
    • Shoes – Tip-toe and pencil heels are popular choices for a prom. You can choose black-colored shoes as they can go well with any dress. You should not compromise on comfort while looking for style.
    • Belts – Belts are useful in adding a dazzling effect to your outfit. Be it skinny, medium or large-width belts; they are equally stylish and cute.

Author’s Bio: Dips Dixon is a famous author. He is an avid reader and traveler. He takes a keen interest in fashion. In this article, he talks about the tips one should bear in mind while shopping for a prom dress with special reference to the accessories.